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Etsur Expands With An Additional Office Location

Not too long ago we opened our new office location in Manila, the first outside of the USA, making us a global agency! We're very excited about our agency's growth and bringing ETSUR to Manila. In fact, we're so excited, that we decided to brag a little bit with a post describing it. "Tell me about your new office," you say? Awesome, we're glad you're as psyched about it as we are!

Our Manila office is split into two sections, the design floor and the programming floor. You'll find a collection of desks in the central area of each floor arranged for optimal collaboration while minimizing distraction. You'll find no cubicles here, or in any of our offices for that matter. In addition to our main work areas we have a couple side rooms such as the server room, and more importantly the ETSURite Think Tank room.

No, we don't have a conference room in our new office; we have a Think Tank room. Why do we call it the Think Tank room? We're glad you asked! It can be hard to get creative in a boring conference room, so we spruced it up to make sure we can get all our creative juices flowing when trying to find a solution to those pesky obstacles that come up while we're working on a project. The friendly atmosphere also goes a long way to encourage creative interaction during our morning scrum meetings. Similar to our Atlanta office Think Tank room where we have giant glass windows and sliding glass doors, our Manila office has giant white-boards and plenty of dry erase markers at the ready.