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Blue Tarp Surfing

Blue Tarp Surfing is the asphalt-shredding sensation sweeping across the nation and around the world. No longer are surfers limited by their access to water — you only need a skateboard, a friend, and a blue tarp to start shredding through your own man-made waves!

Client's Challenge

The original founders of Blue Tarp Surfing approached Etsur in need of a website — and fast. They had created the sport by somewhat of an accident and had not expected much to come from it. To them, they were just having fun making a video one summer afternoon. 

Suffice to say they were surprised when they caught wind of "tarp surfing" communities popping up across the States, and even in other countries! The momentum behind the sport was building, and as the original founders, they needed to capitalize upon it quickly!

Our Solution

Etsur designed and developed a website for the Blue Tarp Surfing team to call home in record time. Aesthetically, the website featured a 3D flash slider, a tarp-textured design, and asphalt inspired accents — while still maintaining a clean, professional design. The website came complete with a blog to easily post news and community updates about the sport, as well as a photo and video gallery to allow for an easy way to see the evolution of the sport as it continued to grow world wide.

We also ingegrated a complete e-commerce system which allowed for customers to order a variety of Blue Tarp Surfing products straight from the source! Everything, including the ecommerce system, was managable through an easy-to-use administration panel.