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Skoopz is an artificial all-natural sweetener manufactured and packaged in Atlanta. As a natural alternative to sugar for those seeking a healthier lifestyle, it's no surprise that skoopz has sucessfully spread nationwide in such a short period of time.

Client's Challenge

As a tangible product with rapid growth, Skoopz needed a centralized way to communicate and engage their customers nationwide. Skoopz also needed a way to to efficiently manage customer inquiries, provide an easy way for wholesalers to express interest and order their product, and to spread the word and educate possible future customers about their excellent new artificial sweetener.

Our Solution

We designed the Skoopz Natural Sweetener site with several goals in mind: reinforce their brand, invite customer engagement, provide convenience, and collect customer data to help Skoopz refine and improve. We developed a killer store locator to allow customers to quickly find what stores and restaurants near them carried Skoopz, and a customer published recipe section to encourage users to share and explore tasty new treats made with Skoopz.

We also developed an entire ecommerce portion of the site to allow customers to order direct online, and a special wholesaler only area for interested and existing wholesalers to express interest or make bulk orders.

Skoopz felt it was important to have a blog on healthy living for their customers in addition to a news feed — we agreed. We developed an entire healthy living blog and also setup a way to allow them to easily link to other sites on related topics such as diabetes.

To wrap up this all natural site, we constructed an easy to manage customer database and newsletter management system all within the same control panel. This allows Skoopz to quickly and easily contact customers about new info and hot deals, as well as respond to customer inquiries about the product that might not be covered in the FAQ. The database and collection utility has been enormously successful, in the first month alone it was already 38,000 customers strong, with an unprecedented interest in their product's free trial.