Backyard On Blake

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01. The Challenge

Backyard On Blake is a beautifully developed community built for business. They feature business spaces designed specifically for retail, creative, restaurants, and offices.

They turned an industrial space into a thriving business center with every aesthetic paid careful attention to. In addition to the tenant shops available at Backyard On Blake, they feature a large co-working space with desks, private offices and a sound proof conference room available for rent on a monthly or daily basis.

When they partnered with ETSUR we knew this relationship was going to be a lot of fun. Backyard On Blake needed to offer bookings of their co-working space directly from their site. They also needed to be able to automate conference room bookings for their tenants and non members with payment.

Backyard on Blake hosts events on the property and needed a way to keep their audience informed of upcoming events as well as allow Tenants to create and host events themselves with ticket sales.

What We Did

Project Definition | Search Engine Optimization | Analytics Implementation | GA Configuration | CMS Development | Back-end Development | CMS Customization | Front-end Development | Craft CMS | User Experience Design | Content Modeling | Information Architecture | Usability Testing | Implementation Support | Ecommerce Development

02. The Solution

We developed a robust website with full automation for event and co-working space booking and payments.

We created specialized user groups to differentiate the different levels of access and payment requirements necessary for tenants and co-working space users. Tenants and subscription co-working space renters were setup to allow for unlimited conference room bookings with no necessary payment. Other customers that wanted to use the conference room were required to make payment at time of booking. All bookings were setup for automation with automatic renewals, cancellations, and prevention of double-bookings.

We created an easy booking system for the co-working space that showed all available desks and offices visually based on the option they had selected. We designed it to accept either a one off or subscription payment directly on site with a comfortable workflow. All users that had an account also were given a profile page to allow them to manage their bookings, enter bio information, and keep up to date with Backyard On Blake news.

Tenants and the Backyard On Blake team were both given permissions to create events to be hosted on the property. We developed the event bookings to allow the publisher to set ticket quantity, price, and take payment for tickets directly on the website. Users were also presented a specialized event page to view bookings, if the owner, and download the event directly to the calendar of their choice.


We know that Backyard On Blake's audience needed to use their site at work, on the couch at home, and on the go. They use a range of devices and expect an experience which is easy. Responsive design is vital. We designed their site to allow for brand engagement and bookings across all devices comfortably.

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