The Transplant Network

Helping young people facing the prospect of an organ transplant.

01. The Challenge

There wasn't enough support available for young people going through an organ transplant.

They needed a place to be able to talk with other transplant recipients with experience in the process. A safe place where they could ask questions they may not feel comfortable asking their family or care providers.

The Transplant Network came to us to build this community for them with a clear vision in mind as the founders are transplant recipients themselves. We were honored to take on this important cause and build an amazing relationship with the people that needed it most.

02. The Solution

We needed to keep the platform simplistic but welcoming for their young audience and make finding the information they needed as quick and calming as possible.

We developed a fully functional forum to allow the community to flourish. With social media account integrations as well as the ability to post anonymously, young people in need of advice and encouragement were able to easily become active within the community. They then were able to start forming relationships to help get them through the transplant process.

The easy to use & engaging forum paired with a thorough FAQ regarding the transplant process proved invaluable to The Transplant Network's audience.

What We Did

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